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I was born in Spain and spent my formative years in places such as Mississippi, California, and Texas, which instilled a wanderlust in me that makes it difficult to stay in one place. I found myself falling in love with many new beautiful surroundings and experiences and the stories they tell.


I had always had a natural skill in the arts, and skipped two grades in High School and moved back to California to attend The Art Institute of LA-Orange County and then transferred to The Art Institute of Houston.


At 26, my husband and I packed up two suitcases and our two dogs and moved overseas to South Africa. We adopted a baby girl while living three years in South Africa, moved to Romania where our two baby boys were born, spent three years traveling in Europe. During those years traveling with my family, I really developed my love for photography and telling the story of my travels, children, and telling my story as beautifully as I was experiencing it. It didn't take long for people to ask me to photograph their stories too.


I am in my natural habitat while outdoors. I love photographing clients in golden hours when the light is most beautiful. I am always excited when a client wants to do a photoshoot at sunrise at the beach even though I will be driving in the dark for hours until sunrise. I love nature and being able to show it's beauty along side the beauty I see in people.


My love for water started at a very early age as I spent most of my childhood in water. My school years were spent on the lake on boats and then on the beach in Southern California. I lived on an Island in South Africa on the water, and have traveled to many places such as the French Riviera, Pescara, Italy, and visit Hilton Head Island and Georgia beaches often where I love sailing. 


I am the official photographer for the Texas Billfish Classic offshore fishing tournament, and Fish Cave Lures, and have traveled as far as Miami and Key West for offshore fishing. I have done travel storytelling for Land Rover on Texas backroads camping trips and have been on the adventures of a lifetime doing what I love.


I fly fish every day and live at a lake house, and even own a fly tying company. I love sailing, yachting, and everything that has to do with water. I am a professional chaser of sunrises and sunsets. I love adventure. I love to capture beautiful things and fleeting moments. 


All of my passions led me here. 


This is my photographic journey and storytelling of people, travel, love, romance, celebrations, adventure, families, and everything beautiful.